NaSe2 - the rules and more

Our NaSe2-Server (Natural Selection 2) is currently up and running.

As 3 years before, it utilizes is own balancing system, which in this case means it has a skill rating for each of the teams.
The basic skill rating, when you are new to the server, is based on the NS2 own ELO system, so at the beginning, your Skill class will be the same for both teams (On the scoreboard you will see the same values for Marines and Aliens or M and A, in front of you name). Both values will then slowly shift apart (or not :) ) depending on your skill you show in game. Higher values usually means more skilled in game - or more dangerous, whatever you like more. Sometimes, the result for all games as well as the Skills of all players is feed into a Dataminer and the results re-evaluated, so it can happen that your skills may shift slightly without you even playing. That's normal and expected. if Marines win to oft, this value will slowly shift down for all players.

This server has also a rank system that serves as an indication of your general team sense - and has absolutely NOTHING to do with skill. Ranks are an indication of good teamplay, if you are actively trying to play with your team, if you do fair teams and/or help to form then, and may even indicate if you communicate to your team at all. If a game starts fair, meaning minimum 6 players each, and no skill difference in team over 8% (no team higher than 54% team skill), the game is accounted. Accounted games are valuated at the end of the round and team points are granted. If you accumulate enough points, you are granted a (higher) rank. Higher ranks may gain additional benefits later in game: access to restricted slots etc.

Commanders may gain additional points and also may gain additional ranks, depending on the observed games.
As a side note, you may also LOOSE ranks or rank points if you are leaving the game as commander, being AFK (especially in critical situations for your team), being rude to others, ignore commander orders way too much or being an sh*thole.

Also I would like to point out that we do not like trolling on our servers. If the admins ask you to stop something, just listen and behave. We want to play that game the same as you do, as we do that stuff in our spare time and with our own money. So please behave.