SEK2000 Plugin - FAQ

Q: How does this system calculate my skill?
A:The basic skill rating, when you are new to the server, is based on the NS2 own ELO system, so at the beginning, your Skill class will be the same for both teams (On the scoreboard you will see the same values for Marines and Aliens or M and A, in front of you name). Both values will then slowly shift apart (or not :) ) depending on your skill you show in game. Higher values usually means more skilled in game - or more dangerous, whatever you like more. Sometimes, the result for all games as well as the Skills of all players is feed into a Dataminer and the results re-evaluated, so it can happen that your skills may shift slightly without you even playing. That's normal and expected. if Marines win to oft, this value will slowly shift up for all players.

Q: My skill is rated to low/high
A: Questioned often. But as everyone is rated the same, everyone else is rated evenly 'bad'. So, no issues here :)

Q: I had a rank, and now it is missing. What happened?
A: Rank (teamplay) points may get lower if you are AFK in game too long, making teams unfair, leaving the game while accounted. The propper way to end a round is either to win/loose it, or concede. Please, if you start a round, fight until the very end. Also Admins may classify you as a bad team player for not listening/communicating at all, or for general bullshitting.

Q: You system is shit!
A: Where is the question?

Q: You system is shit, because..
A: I have got no problem with constructive feedback, but general 'this is shit' is also consequently ignored.

Q: What is a red / yellow card
A:Wiki would tell you: "A yellow penalty card, shown in many sports after a rules infraction or, by analogy, a serious warning in other areas". It's exactly the same here. This is a warning that you should not ignore, but to be honest, nothing more. After some accounted games, it eventuelly will go away. If you accumulate more than two card's, that a temp ban. More cards, longer ban.

Q: Why I got a card, I didn't do anything.
A: That is the answer every judge have heard around the world. Something has happened, and there is only a minor chance we'll take it back. Sorry.
A2: Yes, trolling can get you one or more. If an admin wants you to stop it, better listen.....

Q: I joined a team, and some time later a message showed that gmae got unaccounted and Thanks, . I did only join.
A: Okay, maybe you want to read again the upper part of this message again. If skill difference seperates to much at game start or later in game, the game becomes unaccounted. And if you join and this shows up....guess.

Q: I can ignore it!
A: Sure. This is just a dick move. And then, at some point, the server ignores your wishes and you will only be able to join at all under strict circumstances. You are not more important than any other player.

More to come.