NS2 Rules - compact edition

NS2 rules - compact edition V 1.01

- M/A Values shows your player skill in the teams as (A)lien or (M)arine. The rank shows your skill in being a nice and fair player. Both are independent from each other.
- Yellow / Red cards: Same as in soccer: You rank up more than 2 yellow cards, and each additional will be a red card which will result in a ban for some time.
- Yellow cards will go away when you complete longer games (20min+) without an issue. 4 such games per yellow card required.

1) Teams 12 players and up have to be fair by number and by strength.
2) When you join a team, plan to play the round until the very end. Early leavers are not welcome.
3) F4 in game or pre-game (after shuffle) without trying to even teams by any means may result in kicks/bans. Sorry, sometimes you may have to play a side you do not want to. Life is hard.
4) Anything you do that has a negative impact on your team may have a negative impact on your score or account.
5) If there is no commander on your team when team starts, do not write about it - do the job!
6) Be respectful with all other players.
7) No trolling here. Cave folks not welcome.
8) If admins outline rules, follow them.
9) Admin have the right to determine who shall be allowed or denied access. Piss them off, and you're gone.
10) Improvement ideas are welcome, but not necessarily in game. Wait until you are addressed, or write an email to ns2admin at sek2000 dot net.